Everyone needs a Touchstone

the new Touchstone colophon

We’ve been having fun this week following the re-branding we did for Touchstone books this summer.  Stacy Creamer, the publisher of Touchstone books, gave an interview to Publisher’s Weekly last week about the renaming and redesign of the Touchstone imprint.

“We really are one team, one staff, and one unique publishing imprint. It seemed that we only needed one name,” said Creamer.
Editorial direction typically changes when new editors and publishers join imprints, and that has been the case at Touchstone. Creamer came to Touchstone/Fireside from Doubleday Broadway in May 2009. “Ever since I got here, I have been eager to rebrand us,” she said. “It’s more like the name catching up with reality than anything else.”

Touchstone has also launched a new Facebook page facebook.com/touchstonebooks.  There you can see some of the famous authors and rock stars who are being published by Touchstone.  That includes Rick Springfield, Philippa Gregory, Duff McKagan from Guns ‘n Roses and Lance Armstrong.

Here’s a photo of publisher Stacy Creamer with Rick Springfield.  [Correction! Photo credits and rights belong to Jane Grimaldi]

Rick Springfield and Stacy Creamer (photo credit and copyright: Jane Grimaldi

Here’s the Touchstone story, in the words of the publisher:

The books were publish are themselves touchstones, superlative examples of their types, against which others in their categories may be judged.

For our new colophon, we’ve chosen a figure that is expressive of the spirit that animates Touchstone’s approach to every book on our list, which is to say one of boundless energy and genuine, passionate enthusiasm.  Nothing could be truer about our dedication to our authors and their books.

Here’s a toast to a superlative success for Stacy, David Falk, Cherlynne Li and everyone else at Touchstone!

4 Responses to “Everyone needs a Touchstone”

  1. 1 Carol in MI September 21, 2010 at 12:16 am

    I love Rick Springfield!!!! I am counting the day’s until his new book is out. Thank you.

  2. 2 Jane Grimaldi July 24, 2015 at 10:08 pm

    Hello Touchstone just noticed you used one of my photos of Rick Springfield and Stacy Creamer from BOOK EXPO 2010 I took this photo and you did NOT GIVE ME PROPER CREDIT FOR MY PHOTO:(

    My Name IS Jane Grimaldi .

    Thank YOU

  3. 3 Jane Grimaldi July 25, 2015 at 7:02 pm

    The photo you used was taken by me at BEA AND is not credited Right!!!
    My Name is Jane Grimaldi !
    Copyright Infringement Is A Crime !
    Rick Springfield Personally asked me to take these photos that day!

    Please Credit the photo properly …


    Jane Grimaldi


  4. 4 Randall Ringer August 2, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    Hi Jane, Thank you for the correction. The photos you took are wonderful and certainly all credit (and image rights) to you for them.

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