Our Rigid Western Ideas of Democracy

Mischief night is over….there’s nothing left of Halloween except for bags of stale candy…there is only on thing that can signify…It’s election day across America!

While you are heading out to the polls, consider the quote below from the NY Times on Sunday. It was in an article about the rebel areas in Ukraine holding their own “elections”.

Aleksandr A. Prokhanov, the editor in chief of the Russian nationalist newspaper Zavtra….said in an interview over the weekend that the Donetsk People’s Republic would not be bound by rigid Western ideas of democracy.

“There are elections when you choose between A and B, and then there are the more difficult ones when you choose between A and A,” he said. “You are a liberal, so you do not understand this. In the Russian consciousness, you can choose between A and A and A, and choosing between an infinite number of A’s is true freedom.”

Okay, I admit it, I’m a rigid Western liberal. Foolish me, thinking that choices between A and B are more difficult than choosing between A and A!

And remember, Vote Early and Vote Often!

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