Are agencies delivering on client needs?

In the past year or so we’ve been hearing from some marketing executives that they aren’t getting the quality of work that they demand from their agencies.

To answer that, we did with Jupiter Research.  In it, 45% of CMOs and other marketing executives say it is taking more time and effort to manage their agencies than 2 years ago.  One contributing factor is that corporations tend to have more agencies than in the past.  To their roster of advertising, pr & branding agencies they have been adding interactive agencies, specialists in social media, CSR specialists, event marketing and so on.

With all of these agencies, it is more difficult to get great work.  In fact, only 5% of marketers rate the quality of work from their advertising agencies as “excellent”.

It’s only slightly better for PR, Direct Marketing, Interactive and Brand Consulting agencies.

Here’s the data:

Marketers rating quality of work of their agencies

Marketers rating quality of work of their agencies

You can also download it in pdf format:  Verse_CMO_AgencyRating_Sept2009

Next post a focus on branding agencies in particular

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