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Zappos’ CEO is delivering happiness in NYC

Now that the news embargo has been lifted, I can tell you that Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, will be making one keynote speaking appearance in New York City in early September.  September 10th, to be more accurate.

So join us on Friday, September 10th, as the NYAMA hosts Tony Hsieh to celebrate the publication of his new book, “Delivering Happiness”.  It’s early in the morning (starts at 8am) which is always a challenge for some of us.   It will be held at Fordham University, just behind Lincoln Center.

You can download the information here.  Or you can go to the NYAMA website and learn more about the program as well as about the NYAMA.

Zappos CEO Keynote Speech

Zappos CEO Keynote Speech

Personally I think that “Delivering Happiness” is understated compared to the sheer excitement and ecstasy that a Zappos box brings to my household.  I can see how my alternative title for his book, “Delivering Ecstasy”, might attract the wrong audience.

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