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Retail advertising

Walk along Broadway in New York City and you’ll see empty storefronts from one end of Manhattan to the other.  Circuit City. Domain. Tower Records. Virgin Records. Helio Wireless.  All gone, along with many restaurants and small local shops.

These locations have now become prime advertising space.  

The space for Domain, the furniture retailer, is now an advertisement for Home Depot.  Irony abounds!  It gives a whole new meaning to the idea of retail advertising.


Retail billboards

Retail billboards

This is a rather unique door hanger.  Or do we call it door-to-door selling?


Door to door advertising

Door to door advertising


A thanks to Mike Prentice for his street photography!

This brings to mind a time in the 1980s when New York City decided to put up trompe d’oeil decals of windows with flower pots on burnt-out buildings.  The buildings were still empty but they looked nicer from the street.

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