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Philip Kotler on rethinking marketing

I had a bit of insomnia last night (which is very useful when working on global projects with the need to stay in constant touch with people in The Netherlands, Israel or Korea) and came across an April 2009 presentation made by Professor Philip Kotler on “Rethinking Marketing to Compete in the Interlinked Economy”

In his presentation Philip Kotler proposes Narrative Branding a one methodology to replace brand positioning.  As the world moves beyond the single-minded 30 second TV ad, brand positioning loses effectiveness.  Kotler presents Narrative Branding as the way to reach multiple audiences and to make most effective use of all forms of media.

Here are a couple of slides from the presentation:

Phil Kotler on Reinventing Marketing

Phil Kotler on Reinventing Marketing

PKotler on Rethinking Marketing

PKotler on Reinventing Marketing

Phil Kotler on Narrative Branding

Phil Kotler on Narrative Branding

While I wasn’t at this presentation, I have read interviews in which Philip Kotler also discusses Brand Journalism, pioneered by Larry Light (CMO of McDonald’s) and Joan Kiddon as a similar approach to Narrative Branding.

You can get the whole presentation from slideshare.

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