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A key to marketing success in Pharma

There is a strong trend in healthcare of giving the consumer greater control over their own health.  You can see this in the growth of advertising to consumers for prescription only products ranging from Viagra to Ambien.  It was trumpeted by President-elect Barak Obama in his campaign speeches about prevention, electronic medical records and better management of chronic conditions.  And it is accelerating as more information is more widely available online.  

This is creating some strain within pharma companies as they shift from a focus on physicians, who want narratives about efficacy and medical studies to a new focus on consumers who respond to emotional and less technical narratives.  There have been several insightful stories about this challenge at the pharma website, Eyeforpharma.  

They have a new story on how Narrative Branding (R) is one of the keys to marketing success in 2009.  You can read the article at Eyeforpharma. 

My slight quibble with the article is that it understates the results from the study, Shifts in Marketing.

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