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Marketing Hall of Fame® Final Selection Committee – or – Name That Famous Marketer

I’m delighted to announce the final selection committee of the Marketing Hall of Fame®.

But first a message from our sponsors!  Many thanks to Columbia Business School, JWT and Greenbook for your support of the Marketing Hall of Fame®



Well, actually I’ll just quote from the press release.

This year’s stellar selection committee consisted of David W. Almy, CEO, Marketing Research Association (MRA); Gayle Fuguitt, CEO, Advertising Research Foundation (ARF); Nancy Hill, CEO, 4As; Bob Liodice, CEO, Association of National Advertisers (ANA);Kendall Nash, president, Qualitative Research Consultants Association; Bruce Nelson, former vice chair, Omnicom, and Earl Taylor, CMO, Marketing Science Institute.  The selection committee was coordinated by Don Sexton, NYAMA president-elect and professor of marketing, Columbia University.

“This year’s nominees represented an extraordinarily impressive cross-section of influential marketers, and the finalists were all well-renowned for their outstanding contributors to the field,” said Randall Ringer, NYAMA president and CEO, Verse Group LLC.  “We looked to the collective wisdom of our selection committee, who had the very difficult challenge of picking only three inductees from such an remarkable group.  The contributions of this year’s three inductees are shaping the ways we practice marketing today and inspiring the marketers of the future.  The Marketing Hall of Fame is all about celebrating brilliance, and we are thrilled to celebrate these brilliant individuals.”

Hold the date! May 28th!

The inductees will each speak for 20 minutes about the future of marketing — which they are creating right now!

Be sure to sign up for the May 28th event. This is the best of the best giving marketing’s version of the Nobel Prize Speech.


Saving Money is BRITE, Too.

If you are a member of the American Marketing Association, you can save $100 on the BRITE conference fees.

Just go to the event page on the NYAMA website and all the info is there.

Event Description

Now in its 6th year, BRITE ’13 will bring together 400-500 leaders and entrepreneurs from business, technology, and media, to discuss topics such as: the future of brand leadership, big data analytics & insight, and emerging trends in technology and consumer culture. Our speakers this year include: leading executives from PepsiCoMeredithIntuit, andIntel; founders and CEO’s of startups Vimeo,  LevelUp/SCVNGR, and IconicTV; authorsCharles Duhigg and John Gerzema; and more.

Full details are at:

For the $100 discount, please REGISTER at:

Updated to fix some formatting problems!

My Future Was BRITE

It was great fun to be at Columbia’s Center for Global Brand Leadership’s BRITE Conference yesterday and today.

Professor Don Sexton and David Rogers presented some of initial findings and implications from our new CMO Study on ROI in the Era of BIG DATA.  This was a joint study of the Center for Global Brand Leadership and the NYAMA.  The very generous sponsors of the study were the Greenbook and ResearchNow.  There were many other people involved in championing the idea of this study including Edwin Roman of ESPN/NYAMA, Rick Kendall, Debra Berliner and Christine Heye of the NYAMA; Sylvia Chu, Andrew Kyrejko and Michael Dudley of Verse Group; and Matt Quint and the incomparable Bernd Schmitt of Columbia.

If I had one message to give CMOs about the study it is: “You are not alone in your struggles to stuff digital marketing into traditional processes and methods.”

And there’s a good reason.

Big Data is a Big Headache for most marketers, revealing a fundamental Big Problem: The underlying foundation of marketing is rickety, fragile.  Piling more digital innovations on top of it reveals the problems inherent in the traditional positioning model of how marketing works.  In fact, marketing management has become like an elephant riding on a bicycle.

The good news is that there are newer approaches to marketing that are built for the digital world.  Until now, many of those breakthroughs in marketing have been created internally at corporations like Coca-Cola (liquid and linked), McDonald’s (Brand Journalism), P&G and others.  The principles of their approaches are available to anyone to adopt and adapt.  Principles such narrative — e.g. seeing your brand more like a hit Broadway Musical or attraction at Disney World rather than a 2 dimensional billboard.  Principles such as using powerful metaphors, co-creating meaning with customers and, yes, engaging with them on their terms.

In the coming weeks expect to see more of the data from the study so that you can make your own judgements.  The NYAMA will be holding a seminar to share the findings in greater depth than was possible at BRITE.  Stay tuned!

Marketing Without Context Is Not Marketing – or – Reading Curation Nation

Context is King!

You don’t have to take my word for it.  You can have breakfast this Wednesday morning (11/16) with the author Steven Rosenbaum and hear it from him directly.

Here’s what Daniel Pink (author of A Whole New Mind) has to say about Steven Rosenbaum’s new book, Curation Nation

“Curation Nation gives me hope for the future of the Information Age. Rosenbaum argues for the growing importance of people creative, smart, hip who can spot trends, find patterns, and make meaning out of the flood of data that threatens to overwhelm us.”

Rosenbaum is the next guest in the NYAMA’s “Meet The Author” series of informal breakfast conversations.  This Wednesday, November 16th, from 8 am until 9:30 am (8 am!  yes, I know, that’s quite early for all of us…).  116 East 27th Street.   Sign up at

Come and get your copy signed by Steven.



Get More! Pay Less! A Public Service Announcement for Marketers

No, there is no advertising on this blog.  However, from time to time I do run public service announcements for non-profits.  Today’s public service announcement is to everyone the TriState marketing community from the New York American Marketing Association:

Not yet a member of the NYAMA?  Sign up now for a special offer:  a $20 Gift Card at Amazon and a waiver of the $30 application fee.  You can sign up at

New York American Marketing Associations

But wait!  There’s more!  With your NYAMA membership you’ll be able to save 20% on membership at CRUNCH (the gym, not the Capt’n).

And if you join now…you can get the membership rate on upcoming events like the one on Social Media on September 20th or the monthly NYAMA networking event on Monday, September 26th.  Because when you attend the events, you’ll have opportunities make connections with other NY area marketers.  Connect with new people and reconnect with people you know.

Is it official if there isn’t a press release, a blog and a tweet?

Well, here’s the press release and the blog announcing the new board of the NYAMA, so it’s at least 2/3rd’s official!

Stay tuned.  Sarah Linden, Lee Hornick and the rest of the Programming Committee have put together a very wonderful set of events for the next 12 + months.  Our regular “Meet the Author” breakfasts are continuing each month.


NYAMA Board Announcement

The Rumors Are True – or – Vote Early And Vote Often!

It is my great good fortune to announce that the New York American Marketing Association (henceforth known as NYAMA) has invited me to be president of the chapter.  I am very honored to be on the board and now to be taking on this new role.

I’m actually taking it on a year earlier than planned.  The wonderful Rachel Dennis was slated to be the president for 2011-2012.  Instead she’ll be moving to the UK in a new role for her current company, Getty Images.  She and Rick Kendall have been guiding and leading the NYAMA for the past year as the organization transitioned away from the focus on running the Effies.

Fortunately I’m not alone in all of this!  Doing a good job as the president of the NYAMA or any organization, requires a commitment of time and sustained attention.  It also takes having a great team of people at the NYAMA, the volunteers, the committee members and the other board members — Edwin Roman, Katie Bartasevich, Sarah Linden, Debra Berliner, Don Sexton and of course Rick Kendall, the outgoing president.   They are all very smart, skilled and really care about making positive contributions to our marketing community.  They will make my job easy.

I’m also going to rely on readers of this blog to help out.  Join in.  Get involved.  Or just go ahead and send along your thoughts and ideas of how we can do stuff better.  I really appreciate it!


A BRITE holdover

I am delighted to share that David Rogers, the Executive Director of the Center on Global Brand Leadership — the group who put on BRITE — will be giving a talk about his new book at the NYAMA on April 12th.

This is the first in the new Author Series that the New York American Marketing Association is presenting.  Once a month we will be hosting an author of new and important books related to marketing.  You can learn more about the series and sign up at

David Rogers's new book

Effie evidence

One of the lovely things about the Effies is getting your photograph as one of the winners.  You can link to the photo finish here or at the NYAMA.ORG

Proof positive that I was actually at the Effies.  It’s one of the few photographs of me in a tux, so I shall treasure it.  I’m the fellow third from the left, in case you don’t recognize me when I’m not wearing sneakers!

Evening at the Effies

Evening at the Effies

Know the code and get a discount to Ed Lebar’s talk at the NYAMA tomorrow

Here’s an offer for only the readers of this blog.  You can get $20 off the non-member rate for tomorrow’s event, 3/24, featuring Ed Lebar (author of Brand Bubble).

Here’s the details:

The code is: VERSE   You will have to go to the  Once there,  go to the order form page and select their participation amount ($35 member, $55 non-member) they choose non member.  Then when on the paymentpage they will see a Promo code box that they should enter the code VERSE into and click update to show the discount.  There is a line on the order form page instructing that.

See you then!

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