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…is like New Coke

A whole generation has been born, lost their baby teeth, learned to drive and graduated from college since New Coke was introduced in the mid-1980s.  Yet the “x is like New Coke” analogy is still going strong.  When a company makes a mis-step it is seen as their New Coke moment.

Tropicana is having its New Coke moment.

Windows Vista is like New Coke.

New Facebook layout is like New Coke.

Even Fox News is using the analogy to say that Obama like the New Coke of politics.  A bit of a stretch in that analogy.

All of which show the power of metaphors an analogies.  I now don’t have to hyperventilate in my complaints about a product improvement, I can simply say it is “New Coke” all over again.  The irony of the Tropicana packaging misstep is how the New Coke analogy has great force when used on PepsiCo.

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