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Mad Men meet Putney Swope

You couldn’t be at Advertising Week for 5 minutes without hearing “Mad Men”.  That’s to be expected.  But the show has spread far from the Maddening Crowd.  At a recent dinner party I was asked by a theology student if I had a job like Don Draper.  What are they learning at the seminary these days?

You know that Mad Men is serious stuff when James Wolcott writes about it for Vanity Fair.

Yes, Mad Men is everywhere.  But is it real, true to advertising in the 1960s?  Is that what agency life was like then?

Well, I don’t know because I’m too young.

But in 1977, in The Orson Welles Theater in Cambridge, I came across the all time best movie about advertising.  Putney Swope.  And it was made in 1969.  The first five minutes of the film will tell you everyone you need to know about Reality in Advertising in the 1960s.

Mad Men, eat your hat!

At the same time, I am deeply grateful to Mad Men for making NYC safer for people wearing fedoras.  Thank you for bringing respect back to the ad business!

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