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Marketing To The Person Standing Next To You – or – How Local Can You Be?

On June 15th, senior executives from CBS, Geomentum and Topix will be discussing how new technologies have been making hyperlocal a reality in marketing.  Local marketing is making a big leap forward.  Join in the discussion, learn more — sign up NOW at the

No longer will retailers stand in front of their stories with a sandwich board advertising specials to passers by.  Now they can do that with their mobile marketing!

Hyperlocal Marketing using older technology

The future of marketing is HERE.  And over HERE.  And over HERE.  Or at least at the NYAMA’s event on Hyperlocal marketing, being held next Wednesday, June 15th from 6 to 8 pm.  The TAI Group is providing space for this event.  150 West 30th Street, 14th floor.

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