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Agencies and clients agree on the need for a better brand brief

I was catching up on some old copies of Ad Age where I came across an interesting survey of agency executives.  The article reported that agency executives were frustrated with the briefs they get from clients.

According to Casey Jones’ study, at least 30% of agency time is wasted due to breakdowns in the briefing process.  75% of the agency executives say that they get at least 5 significant revisions of the creative brief after the assignment has begun.  Jones has put some real numbers around the anecdotal evidence that we hear all the time…or experience ourselves.


On the other side of the equation, clients have their own frustrations with the agency creative process.  We’ve done research among corporations and find that they are spending more time managing their agencies than before.  As Brandweek put it, “CMOs see agencies as a time suck”.  And only a small percentage — 21% —  believe they are getting the best work out of their agencies.

CMOs See Agencies asTime Suck

This blog is not about taking sides.  It is about discussing the problem everyone agrees on — clearly there is a gap between what the marketers want and what the agencies are delivering.  And both sides appear to have identified the same weak point:  the briefing process and documents for translating the marketers’ need into the creative executions.

Fixing that gap can help agencies sell better work.

Fixing that gap can improve the productivity of marketing.

Next blog — what the ARF has to say about the creative briefing process.

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