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The impact of the economic crisis on brands: talk on 3/24

Next Wednesday, 3/24, Ed Lebar is going to share new research from the BAV.  This will give us insight into how the economic “dip” has effected the images of brands — and how some brands managed to stay ahead despite the economy.
The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Brands: Some Winning Strategies”

As part of its “New Thinker” series of events, the NYAMA will present a  program focused on the application of innovative brand research strategies to create winning marketing programs during recessionary times. The date of the event is March 24th at 6:00 p.m. And will take place at The Tai Group, 150 West 30th Street, 14th Floor, in New York.

Ed Lebar, CEO and Anne Rivers, SVP Director of Brand Strategy at BrandAsset Consulting will be presenting and taking questions. Ed Lebar is co-author of the best-selling business book, The Brand Bubble.

Mr. Lebar will present new research from the BrandAsset® Valuator study (BAV), a proprietary model of measuring brands based on brand strength and brand stature.

The student discount price is $25.

Register for this event at <> .

Brand that Bubble – or – Another voice on reinventing marketing

I’m delighted to say that Ed Lebar, co-author of The Brand Bubble, and CEO of BrandAsset Consulting, will be giving a talk at the New York American Marketing Association on March 24th!

Ed will be presenting  strategies for companies to win in times of economic turmoil based on new data from the Brand Asset Valuator. So block off that evening, from 6 to 8 pm!

In the meantime, I leave you with a quote from The Brand Bubble:

We are all grappling with a world where the rules have changed — the rules about when, where, and how people consume content and advertising messages, and how they discover, engage with, and either endorse or reject brands (and then amplify that decision to their peers).  It’s changing the business models for companies, the skill sets needed for marketers, the roles for creating and distributing content for media companies, and the rules for how agencies think about creativity for brands.

The problem is, many marketers are applying much of the same old thinking to today’s new challenges.  They try to adapt their formulas to the increasingly fractal landscape, rather than rethink them altogether.” [emphasis in original]”

Brand Bubble by Ed Lebar

Brand Bubble by Ed Lebar

Marketing networking event in NYC

On Tuesday, Jan 26th, there is a networking event sponsored by the New York chapter of the American Marketing Association.

This networking is in the original forum for social media — a bar.  It’s not digital but there will be drinks.

It is at Pranna (Madison and 28th St), from 6 to 8 pm.  You can register here.

Have you solved the challenge of multi-platform branding?

Well…you aren’t alone.  In our recent CMO study, 71% of senior marketers agree that managing brands across multiple platforms is a big challenge for their company.

Whether you call it cross-media marketing, multi-platform marketing or multi-channel marketing, the number of true success stories is few.  Making it even more difficult is the lack of tools to actually measure that success.  The traditional market research methods weren’t designed for today’s world.

There’s one company that is doing it right — ESPN.  

The good news is that they’ll be sharing some of their insights and ways of evaluating success on July 28th, thanks to the New York American Marketing Association.  Here’s the flyer for the event.  Or you can sign up at the NYAMA website.   Hope to see you there!

ESPN Event

Global Branding panel in NYC

I am delighted to announce that the NY chapter of the American Marketing Association will be holding a panel discussion on global branding on Tuesday, June 16th, between 6 pm and 8 pm.

The panel will feature three very wonderful and knowledgeable people:

Dr. Joseph Plummer of Columbia University, who was the former Chief Strategy Officer of the ARF (that’s Advertising Research Foundation, which took me a while to figure out).  Dr. Plummer is also a consultant at Olson Zaltman Associates

Nigel Hollis, author of the new book, Global Brands.  He’s also the EVP and Chief Global Analyst of the global market research firm, Millward-Brown.  His blog, Straight Talk is always a smart place to go for insights into global brands, 

And Trena Blair, VP of the Business Travel Division of American Express. She’s responsible for the marketing strategies across the Americas and Canada.  Her experience extends to the other side of the world.  Before joining American Express she was the SVP of marketing and sales at Westpac Banking Corporation.  Westpac is Australia’s largest retail bank.

You can sign up for the conference at the NYAMA’s website, or by clicking this link.

The original title of this panel was “Global Brands: Over-rated or Under-appreciated?”  However, it was eventually titled, “Building a Multinational Brand: Global, Regional or National Strategy?”  

I’ve been invited to moderate this event.  Please bring your excellent questions for our panelists. The question I will ask is, “Are global brands a myth?”

See you there!

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