Michael Prentice interview on KBS – or – How branding can change your life

You can link here to a fabulous interview with Michael Prentice, a PhD candidate who has been work in and doing research on the culture of Korean Chaebols. Michael is currently living in Seoul while conducting his research. His graduate studies are at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Michael Prentice on KBS

We had the great good fortune of getting to know the exceptional Mike Prentice when he worked here at Verse Group. Through his work at Verse Group, Mike had the  opportunity to work on high-level corporate branding projects for Samsung Electronics, Kia Motors, Cheil Worldwide and others. More importantly, he got to know the individuals at those companies, which sparked his interest in Korea. (Full disclosure, we are that un-named NYC-based marketing agency that Mike discusses early in his interview.) This is just one way that branding can change the very direction of a person’s life and set them on a new journey of exploration and discovery.

His work is pioneering, very important for those of us in the West who do business with, or work for, Korean corporations.  In 3 years, Mike has made many more insightful observations than I have during my nearly 20 years of working with Samsung and Cheil on their global marketing and branding strategies.


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