This Is Real Social Media – or – Come To The NYAMA Holiday Party on December 13th!

Yes, it’s that time of the year when marketing pulls out all of the stops but marketers occasionally stop to enjoy some of the holiday cheer.

We are kicking off a new tradition at the NYAMA — a festive holiday party on Tuesday, December 13th.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to come.  It’s a chance to meeting people from all areas of marketing including brand management, advertising, market research, design, pr and social media, mobile marketing and so on.

Sign up at the website!

I am also requesting your help.  I’m going to be making some brief remarks about some of the milestones in marketing of the year behind us and 10 predictions for the year ahead.   This is where you come in.  It would be swell if everyone reading this sent in suggestions on either milestones of this year or predictions for next year.  I’ll compile them and use them on the 13th.

NYAMA Holiday Party Invitation

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