The Rumors Are True – or – Vote Early And Vote Often!

It is my great good fortune to announce that the New York American Marketing Association (henceforth known as NYAMA) has invited me to be president of the chapter.  I am very honored to be on the board and now to be taking on this new role.

I’m actually taking it on a year earlier than planned.  The wonderful Rachel Dennis was slated to be the president for 2011-2012.  Instead she’ll be moving to the UK in a new role for her current company, Getty Images.  She and Rick Kendall have been guiding and leading the NYAMA for the past year as the organization transitioned away from the focus on running the Effies.

Fortunately I’m not alone in all of this!  Doing a good job as the president of the NYAMA or any organization, requires a commitment of time and sustained attention.  It also takes having a great team of people at the NYAMA, the volunteers, the committee members and the other board members — Edwin Roman, Katie Bartasevich, Sarah Linden, Debra Berliner, Don Sexton and of course Rick Kendall, the outgoing president.   They are all very smart, skilled and really care about making positive contributions to our marketing community.  They will make my job easy.

I’m also going to rely on readers of this blog to help out.  Join in.  Get involved.  Or just go ahead and send along your thoughts and ideas of how we can do stuff better.  I really appreciate it!


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