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It will be BRITE later

I will write up some of the most interesting parts of the conference later.

David Rogers proposed “transparency” as the theme for the conference. I would propose “reinventing marketing: the true impact of new technology.”

Starting with the great presentation by Antonio Lucio, CMO of Visa, many speakers have been discussing the need for new models of marketing.
At Visa they have developed an approach they call “Audience First”. The world no longer fits the old McKinsey models of marketing.

The future’s so BRITE, I have to wear shades

Tomorrow is the annual BRITE conference up at Columbia University.  Bernd Schmidt never fails to bring together an always fascinating group of people.  I’m sure that this year he’ll continue that winning streak.

Having gone to Columbia’s School of the Arts for an MFA, I always feel a bit subversive when I’m at a business school conference.  So to prepare, I’m listening to Timbuk 3

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