Too BRITE – or – back to the office I go!

It’s Thursday afternoon already!  How is it possible that 2 days of BRITE have come and gone?  It will take me longer to recap than it took for the whole conference to happen!

Onward Ho!

There was a completely wonderful presentation and engaging working session with Luke Williams yesterday morning.  He’s the author of DISRUPT: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business.

I cannot possibly do justice to the exercises and ideas Luke shared.  So I highly recommend checking out his website .  then buy the book.  Or download it.

But I will leave you with one quote from Luke.

Free ourselves to see things as they are.

Sounds easy but the reality is very difficult.  It is really, really hard to see things as they are.  Why did it take until Galileo to see the the earth revolves around the sun?  The same evidence was there for everyone else but nobody else could see it.  They were blinded by expectations.


Google the Follower?

One of the unexpected reversals of day one was Google.  In casual conversations I heard at least six people comment on it.

The other speakers talked about technology requiring us to rethink the basic premises of marketing.  For example, Weiden & Kennedy’s Josh Millrod and Jason Clement said, “Socializing is the complete antithesis of traditional advertising.”

Google sounded like an ad agency from 1990.  Google was talking reach, frequency, CPM.  Google was presenting linear models, the same-old Awareness – Association – Favorability – Purchase Intent.

What is going on?  When all others are talking reinventing marketing, Google is talking media mix.

Here was a fabulous opportunity for Google to talk about mobile reinventing marketing.  Here was a great place for Google to discuss the industry-wide challenges of measuring the effectiveness of multi-platform marketing.  Here was a great place for Google to reinvent marketing the way it has reinvented search technology and mobile OS.

Ah, a missed opportunity for Google.

The last speaker of Day One was Carol Cone of Edelman.  She is a wonderfully passionate woman, who has a deep interest in the “power of purpose”.

She demonstrated another aspect of the changing consumer.  Over the past 5 or so years a growing number of consumers have been adding corporate reputation/good citizenship in making their brand choices.  When consumers change, attuned marketers need to change.

While the recession may have slowed this trend, it is still strong and continuing.

For those who haven’t seen Edelman’s studies on corporate citizenship and trust, I highly recommend them.  They show how the consumer has changed.


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