Narrative Marketing meet Narrative Medicine

The purpose of Narrative Marketing — as we practice it through narrative branding(R) — is to close the distance between a person and a brand, through use of narrative techniques including storytelling and metaphors.

Narrative is transforming other areas of our lives, in ways profound and fundamental.  One is medicine — Narrative Medicine.

I had the most fortunate coincidence on Monday to witness, to participate in an information session about Columbia University’s MS program in Narrative Medicine.   And ad about it in the New Yorker caught my eye at 3 pm, by 4 pm I had signed up online and at 6 pm I was on campus to learn, “what the heck is narrative medicine”?

And learn I did.

This initiative is lead by the fabulous Rita Charon, MD, PhD.  She has recognized the role that narrative plays in closing the distance between patient and physician; between physician and physician; between family and physician.

Dr. Charon coined the phrase Narrative Medicine back in 2000.  She’s written extensively about this, including an article in the JAMA October 17, 2001, Vol 286, No 15.  And it has been written up in many publications such as the NY Times.

Narrative Medicine in JAMA

It is tremendously exciting to see how the power of narrative, and narrative interpretation, is shaping the most advanced fields of science and medicine.  A story has the power to change the very course of a person’s life.

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