True or False – or – Assume nothing

Two quotes that I carry with me, engraved on my heart:

“Question authority”  Written in the stairwell of Columbia University’s School of the Arts.  It stayed on the wall for the entire 2 years that I was there getting my MFA degree in creative writing.

“Assume nothing.  Question everything.”  Often said by the late Peter Kim.  I had the pleasure of working for Peter first at J. Walter Thompson and then when he started up Bright Sun Consulting.

In the spirit of those two quotes, I present to you a Pop Quiz:

True or false:  The number of United States Federal employees in 2010 is lower than in 1975.

True or false:  The number of Federal employees dropped during the presidency of George W. Bush.

Don’t peek ahead or poke around on the internet!  There is a prize for everyone who gets the answers correct!

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