How did JetBlue deal with the fall-out from their awol flight attendant?

We all remember that moment when we first heard about the JetBlue flight attendant who jettisoned his career by grabbing a beer off the plane’s serving cart and sliding down the emergency chute to escape an angry passenger.

How did JetBlue handle the fall-out from that spectacular story without the brand being damaged?

Find out from JetBlue’s head of corporate communications, Jenny Dervin.  On the evening of January 20th she will be one of three speakers in a NYAMA forum on dealing with brand crises in the age of social media.

For details, go to

The two other speakers will be APCO’s Kirk Stewart, who is Nike’s former head of corporate communications; and Erich Joachimsthaler, CEO of Vivaldi and author of Hidden In Plain Sight.


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