Inflation in Action – or – Thank goodness it’s Macy’s Day!

Yes, this post is about inflation.  Balloon inflation.

Spidey trapped in a web

New York is a city of parades. From the Chinese Lunar New Year’s parade to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade to the Gay Pride Parade, the Puerto Rican Day Parade — and let’s not neglect the Pulaski Day Parade, the Israeli Day Parade, parades for Tartans, Greek Independence, Sikhs, Steuben, Martin Luther King, Labor Day, Columbus Day and the famed Halloween Parade.  But there is no grander, more extravagant parade than Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

This parade has a special place in my memories, as far back as I can remember. In fact, when I was a child I thought this holiday’s official name was “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day” or just “Macy’s Day” for short.

And one of the special treats of Macy’s parade is that it starts the night before.  Each year tens of thousands of locals crowd into the blocks around the Natural History museum on the Upper West Side to watch the balloons being inflated.

So, here are some highlights from this year’s inflation festival.

Buzz Lightyear getting ready for action

Pre-parade madness

Inflation in action!


The Parade Police

And a special thanks to this year’s Parade Police for their good humor, wonderful smiles and endless patience!


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