Parrot Fish and Psycho Bunny

One of the brands I’ve just completely fallen in love with is Psycho Bunny. Definitely clothing with an attitude.  The brand was created by Robert Godley and Robert Goldman in 2006 selling only handmade neckties out of the finest silk.  That’s pretty rare in and of itself.  In the post-industrial post-modern post-post world of today when everything is over manufactured, it is the oldest of arts, handmade clothing, that has enduring values.

Oh, and they have a wonderful sensibility…well, you can see from the designs…my eloquence is mere mumbling when it comes to describing their branding.  It is a metaphor that speaks volumes!

Psycho Bunny

Psycho Bunny

The real draw is the absolutely wonderful quality of the workmanship and the designs.  Here’s what they have to say about themselves on their website:

Since beginning as a small neckwear line, Psycho Bunny has maintained its reputation as a brand committed to meticulous quality, traditional craftsmanship and the finest materials in the manufacture of its goods.

The collection has grown since the inaugural season and now includes a range of cashmere scarves in classic tartans, pima cotton polo shirts (now for women as well), fine cotton oxfords with mother of pearl buttons, colorful pima cotton socks, luxurious merino sweaters, supergeelong ski hats, hand-enameled sterling silver cufflinks and a range of small leather goods produced in partnership with Ettinger of London.

And the parrot fish?  Oh, that’s just to remind myself that I’m on vacation and shouldn’t be blogging right now or checking my work emails…

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