Gone fishin’

Heading out of town for a little snorkling and relaxation in the Bermuda Triangle.  So the posts will be rather sporadic and may include some fish tales and shaggy dog stories.

And while I’m swimming around, I’m going to be wondering what really happened at HP.  There is a lot of Hurd said/Board said in the NY Times and the WSJ.  Interesting to note that Hurd is on the board of directors of WSJ’s parent company.  Can’t help but feel like there is something else going on that we haven’t heard about…yet…

The plunge in HP’s stock price also raises some very interesting questions about the brand valuation models currently used by companies such as Interbrand and Brand Finance.  If the CEO’s “resignation” can trigger a $12 billion drop in value, then is he part of the brand valuation?  What is the common percentage of a brand’s value can be apportioned to the senior executives?

Just something to consider while lying on the beach not reading the book that I’ve been carrying around with me  since Father’s Day.  It’s a series of non-fiction essays about a New Jersey woman of Turkish descent who loves Russian literature.  A most peculiar mixture!

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