Candwich! The greatest thing since sliced bread!

First there was sliced bread.  Then there was beer in a can.  And now you can get a sandwich in a can!  Candwich!

Would you like chips with your Candwich?

Would you like chips with your Candwich?

Just in case you missed the story, an investment group in Utah raised $145 million to invest in commercial real estate.  But it seems like the fund manager got distracted by the glory of the Candwich. The 401(K) money was lost and the lawsuits are filing. It makes reading The New York Times fun again.

Inspired by this story, I propose creating a new investment vehicle call the 401(C) — with all of the money being invested in caned goods, materials and laughter.

My first suggestion is that they offer a combo pack of Candiwch, Pringles and a  beer.  The perfect lunch with the long shelf-life.

“Yes we Can!”

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