Is this the end of email?

I sent an email to one of our teenagers and didn’t get an answer for a week.  “Oh, I only check email once a week,” she explained.  “Why didn’t you use Facebook?”  In fact, Facebook is a common way of communicating in our apartment — each kid in their own bedroom posting to Facebook and the adults huddled in our bedroom monitoring them.  Facebook, Skype, text message, they are more effective ways of saying, “Did you do all of your homework?” than the email.

So it got me to wondering…is this the end of email as we know it?  Will tweets replace the staccato email message?  Is email the technology equivalent of a record?

I can only hope so, since the amount of email I get seems to be growing exponentially.  I was unplugged for three days and the amount of stuff waiting for me was nearly overwhelming.  [Note — it was an involuntary unplugging.  I was away from home and my family forcibly removed the Blackberry from me.]

The amount of email has gotten so bad, I’ve had to resort to actually making phone calls when I need to communicate with people…

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