Phil Kotler’s co-author John Caslione to speak in NYC on 4/14

I’m delighted to say that John Caslione, co-author (with Philip Kotler) of Chaotics will be speaking in NYC on Wednesday, 4/14.

The book itself provides a solid framework for handling the current economic turbulence.  Kotler and Caslione suggest that the major upheaval that we are going through is not the only turbulence for business.  Even as the economy recovers companies will find it necessary to reinvent how they market since the old tried-and-true methods won’t work as well in the future as they did in the past.

That’s actually quite a remarkable statement to hear from Philip Kotler.  Here’s the fellow who has literally written the textbook, or rather textbooks, on marketing and he’s saying that what was taught about the past may not apply in the future.  He never stops looking for ways to evolve and improve marketing.

John is a very dynamic and entertaining speaker so I highly recommend this event.

And just for you there is a special $20 discount if you use the code: VERSE when you sign up!

Okay, you can pass the code along to your friends…

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