The power of story

Avatar is a terrific movie.  Absolutely wonderful.

What drew me in and kept me engaged was the narrative, the stories of each character and the way they wove together into a larger tapestry.

Yes, the special effects were special.  That would have kept me watching for 30 minutes until the 3D glasses become physically unbearable.  Wearing glasses on top of glasses is not my idea of a comfortable viewing experience.

It was the magic of the story that kept me in my seat for nearly 3 hours.   It completely absorbed me, to the point that I forgot about the glasses upon glasses discomfort.

So what does this have to do with branding?  It shows the power of story to engage our minds and emotions through a variety of senses.

No sense in giving away the story here.  Go see the movie, then we can get a cup of coffee and caffeine free diet coke for me and talk about the powerful story.

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