I’m not the only one who doesn’t give a tweet

A couple of days ago I wrote about why this blog is not a tweet.

Since then I’ve come across this new and quite interesting study by the good folks at Weber Shandwick.  They have studied the Twittering of Fortune 100 companies and discovered:

27% of the companies don’t have a corporate Twitter account

50% of accounts have fewer than 500 followers

Another 15% of accounts are not used at all.

If I can count correctly, that’s 65% of existing corporate Twitter accounts are languishing.  For all of the talk about Twitter, it seems that many companies are not actively engaged with it.  Why they aren’t is not directly answered in the study.  It could be for any number of reasons including a strategic decision, a lack of resources, a lack of understanding, no measurable ROI and so forth.  It could be that many companies jumped on so many digital bandwagons in the good days past that they are wary of doing so again in today’s economic climate.  This is all speculation, of course.

It’s a good smart study, highly recommended for anyone who wants some facts about corporate usage of Twitter and best practices.


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