Gone Green

There won’t be any new posts this week.  We’re up in the Adirondacks on holiday.  The weather is lovely but the internet service is not so hot.

Sustainability, green, have been on my mind the past few days.  

We are staying at a wildlife rescue sanctuary, where wolves, coyotes, owls, falcons, vultures and other wild animals are healed, cared for and eventually released back into the wild.  They are beautiful creatures, incredible to see up close and not in a zoo.   At night you can hear the wild wolves howling and the rescue wolves howling in response.  It is an eerie sound.  

The very real challenge is how do we balance the wilderness areas and residential communities?  How do we grow without overwhelming the land and the local wildlife?  There is not a simple answer.  Green marketing is important, but it is only one piece in a larger puzzle.  It gives me something to think about while hiking and kayaking.

So I’ve gone green for the week.

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