P.T. Barnum’s spirit lives on

P.T. Barnum set-up shop at the Hippodrome, located next to Madison Square.  In later years he brought his circus to Madison Square Garden, which was then located right next to the real Madison Square (built on the site of the old Hippodrome).  When his circus was there, it was the media epicenter of America.  It was the Times Square of its day.

P.T. Barnum is long gone but his spirit lives on at Madison Square.

It’s just about impossible to walk near the park without seeing how Barnum’s media savvy spirit lives on.

Exhibit A: The HSBC campaign shot in Madison Square:

Speak up America!

Speak up America!

Exhibit B: The  Living Zero Home.  This is a modular home that uses zero energy from outside the home, more or less.  It’s traveling around the country and recently came to rest next to Madison Square.

The Green House

The Green House

These are just two examples from the past few weeks.  The list of other pr, advertising, promotional efforts at Madison Square could go one for days.  It’s not all about sponsored events and advertising.  It is the site of art installations — last fall a Japanese artist, Tadashi Kawamata, built and installed individualized Tree Houses in many of the trees around the part.  It was quite a site for us city dwellers without backyards.  The area is also home to cultural events such as the Big Apple BBQ Block Party.

Photo credit: The camera on my Samsung Behold.

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