Colbert Coldwell and Benjamin Banker are brilliant

It’s wonderful to know that there really was a Coldwell and a Banker at Coldwell Banker.  The brand isn’t just a lawn sign or a golden retriever (although I do love goldens).  The brand is about people, starting with Coldwell and Banker themselves.  

And kudos to the marketing team and agencies who have brought back Colbert Coldwell and Benjamin Banker as spokespeople.  For the past year or so, they have been the stars of the real estate broker’s campaigns.  And it is brilliant!  And this is a perfect example of how the founding story is a powerful element in the overall narrative.

Keeping Coldwell and Banker in their framed pictures is a powerful metaphorical device.  The pictures give a sense of time, of authenticity and also authority to the brand.  The voices and stories make them accessible. It reminds me of someone holding a photograph in front of their face and pretending to be that person.  And, of course, framed picture is perfectly at home in a home.  

While reaching back to their founding, the brand is also reaching ahead into new media.  They are one of the most tech savvy brands in the market.  Tech savvy is not something you’d normally associate with real estate brands.  Coldwell Banker is way out ahead of most marketers.

Here is Michael Fisher, the CMO of Coldwell Banker, explaining the back story.  

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