Is it a good idea if it cannot fit on a powerpoint?

Sometimes I feel that powerpoint has become a canvas. Paint inside the canvas and you are fine.  But if you want to paint something larger than the canvas you are out of luck.

I wanted to unfold a large narrative about a particular brand.  I wanted people to stand back and take in the entirety of the narrative, to see the whole picture.  I wanted them to absorb the metaphor.  The metaphor was in words, yes.  And it was in imagery and in the graphic motifs we created.  

“This will never fit in powerpoint” I was told.

And they were right.  It could not fit on powerpoint.  We ended up staging the narrative on a very large board.  

And it is breathtaking.

It was a much better medium for the narrative than the powerpoint.  And so, inspired, we pushed ahead and made a movie.  We could literally unfold the narrative across time.  Adding music to the narrative added a new layer of depth.  Music is a language of emotion.

If I had been developing a traditional “brand positioning” statement, the powerpoint slide would be more than enough.  And that is the problem with brand positioning.  

This is not about the limitations of powerpoint.  It is about the limitations that we sometimes impose on ourselves.  If we are limiting the creation of a brand to the size of a powerpoint slide we will be losing something valuable.

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