Bloomsday and global branding

What is Bloomsday?

It is June 16th!  Because James Joyce’s novel Ulysses takes place during the course of a single day, June 16th.  Fans of Joyce gather in Dublin and other places around the world to read the work aloud.  Here in NYC there’s Bloomsday on Broadway up at Symphony space. I first discovered it when I was a getting my MFA in fiction writing up at Columbia.  Hours and hours of listing to actors, musicians and poets reading from Joyce.  Much easier than having to actually read it myself!

Boring, right?  No!  Remember —  the book was banned for many years as pornography, particularly for Molly Bloom’s Soliloquy which ends the novel and is the moment when Bloomsday readings reach their dramatic climax. For decades it was a crime to buy or sell or even possess Ulysses here in the land of freedom.

On this Bloomsday I would like to invite you to a slightly different kind of event in NYC.  The NY AMA is holding a panel discussion  on global branding.  The panelists will include Nigel Hollis, author of the book “Global Brands“, the wonderful Dr. Joseph Plummer of Columbia University’s B-School and Susan Jurevics, the VP of Corporate Marketing at Sony.  I’ll be acting as the referee…uh…moderator during the discussion and Q&A periods.

Some of the questions the panel will explore:  What does it mean for a brand to be global?  How do local cultures influence a global brand?  What is the role of country of origin?  For instance, is a global brand a citizen of the world or is it an American brand (Nike) or German brand (Mercedes) or Japanese brand (Sony) that is globally known?  How do companies navigate through the tensions between the centralized corporate role and the local geographies?  

You can learn more about the event from the NYAMA website.  And I’ll post additional details as we get closer to the day.

Who knows, we might even end the evening with a little reading from Joyce’s Ulysses…

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