Are all insights really insightful, part 2

Some further thoughts on why companies often miss the best insights:

Our friend Erich Joachimsthaler has thought a lot about this issue.  One of his observations from his book “Hidden in Plain Sight“.

“The problem is that growth naturally brings with it the need for changed organization, hierarchy, structure, processes, systems, and the policies that also can inch the company further from the very people the company has been serving.  A kind of smokescreen develops that makes it very difficult to see the biggest opportunities for innovation and growth even though they are right there, hidden in plain sight.”

I like to think of it as the Galapagos Syndrome.  Why was it that Darwin was able to see the differences in the tortoises that were there for anyone to see?

In the words of Paul Simon, “Still a man sees what he wants to see. And disregards the rest.”

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