The new buzzword is “flexibility”

I used to have a Gumby toy.  It was great because you could bend it into almost any shape possible.  In a world of stiff toys, Gumby had the magic of being flexible.

I sometimes think of brand positioning like those stiff, inflexible toys of the past.  The basic principle of positioning is that your brand stands for one thing and one thing only.  There is no flexibility for the changing marketplace.

By contrast, Narrative Branding is all about giving brands the flexibility they need for today’s dynamic marketplace.  

And marketing decision makers agree with the need for flexibility.  In case you haven’t see it yet, there is an article in this week’s issue of Adweek magazine that discusses our new study on CMO priorities, including the need for flexibility.

The sub-title of the article is “Perhaps the buzzword for ’09 is flexibility”

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